Sunday, May 18, 2008


Saturday was the 5K I have been "training" for. It started at 7A.M. and it was a very chilly/blustery start at the mouth of Ogden canyon. My awesome sister in law Kaye ran with me. It was a great run. We took it slow and steady. We may have not gotten the best time in the world but I am VERY proud to say I did not walk one second of it! 3.2 Miles for a big gal is not bad!

Next race I will be sure to do my hair a little better and put on some makeup. :)

Monday, May 12, 2008

3 years already?

May 6th was our three year anniversary. We went to Park City and David shopped his little heart out. Now this was my plan to go shopping and to spend lots of money. Did I? No! I got one pair of jeans and a necklace. Oh well we had a great time!
We went to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner and then had a great pancake breakfast the next morning. We stayed in a little studio condo that had a kitchenette. It was great fun to get a few nights away just the two of us.


On friday the the 2nd of May David graduated from Weber State with his Bachelor degree! We had such a good day. First we went to Daniel's graduation (David didn't want to walk), then we went to the mongolian grill for some yummy food. It was a great day!

Birthday and Zoo Pictures

The White Alligator. Pooping Rhino.

Channy's monkey friend.

Sleepy boy after a long day.

Rewind April.

So a lot went on in April and since I was a little blog lazy I am going to catch all of you up. Chandler turned one! On the 5th we had a great birthday party with all of the cake, ice cream and presents a spoiled little one year old could ask for. Chandler had his first piece of cake and loved it. If you look at the picture below it is like he is mad with sugar.=)

Chandler got lots of toys, clothes, shoes and books. That same day my mom and I had Chandler's pictures taken. Talk about painful. He wouldn't sit still and kept crawling out of the room where they take the pictures. The photographer was absolutely no help, she sat there and I am not sure she even knew what she was doing. We got some cute pictures though so I guess it was worth the hassle.

On Tuesday the 8th we took Chandler to the zoo. I am not sure if he liked it or not but we sure did see a lot of poop. It seemed like every animal we saw was pooping all over the place (great for pictures). We saw all of the animals but our favorite was a little black and white monkey, I am pretty sure he was Channy's favorite to.

Are you kidding me?

Okay so most days I don't mind being manager of our complex, but there are some days when I would like to punch some people in the face. About 10 minutes ago I see there is a message and unfortunately decided to listen. It is a tenant (of course) and they are wanting to know when their new stove is coming. Okay let me give you some background.... these kids who can't both be over the age of 20 just got married and think they are the coolest people in the whole world. First they wont let anyone work in their apartment unless they are there (I guess they are worried someone might steal their hand me down crap), they are always being complained about by their neighbor, and they call every week about their stupid stove they say doesn't work. Jose who is our new maintenance guy has been to their apartment at least 4 times and says every time that their stove works great. So thinking it is in working order we stop the shipment of the new stove. Two days later I get another phone call, they tell me it is not working again. Jose comes back over (Jose manages his own complex and doesn't have a lot of time to deal with stupid crap like this) after about 5 minutes in his apartment he comes and gets me to show me their stove. When I get to their apartment all four burners are blazing and the stove is roaring, so it works. So tonight I get this phone call and just want to call the kid and say "I don't care if your wife is a crappy cook and can't get a stove to turn on we are not getting you a new one so just deal with it." So I guess I am putting this on the blog so I don't make a huge jerk of myself and I will have Dave deal with it in the morning.
If you do read this thanks for listening to the stupid crap that goes on at our complex.

Oh yeah I am doing some major updating tonight!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Any Ideas?

This is how I feel most days! It always seems no matter how hard I try to keep the house clean, the floors swept and the laundry done it never really gets done. Trying to play with Chandler in a dirty cluttered house is torture, most days he just plays in his crib while I try to clean (ya I am kind of a bad mom). So this is my question to all of you domestic goddesses who always have clean homes, swept floors and clothes to wear; How do you do it? What are some of your secrets for staying organized, keeping up on the laundry, making sure the house is clean and having enough time to play with you kids, relax and do other things ? Also any ideas for getting a bathtub really white and shiny? Our tub is so gross, it doesn't matter how hard I scrub it always looks grey. Any suggestions would help!