Thursday, January 10, 2013

Baby Preston 10/8/2012

 At around 11:30 p.m on October 7th 2012 I woke up thinking I needed to use the bathroom.  To my surprise I didn't quite make it! My water broke and I mean broke.  There was water everywhere and my clothes were soaked.  I woke up David and told him and he kept saying "Are you sure?' Ha Ha I don't think that man will ever really believe me until I make him inspect the spillage on the bathroom floor!

We woke up Marcia (she had been with us for a week due to some "false" labor) and got ready to go.  I cried all the way to the hospital.  I hadn't given Chandler and Brinlee a kiss before I left and was sure it was going to impact their lives in some significant way.  David reassured me it wouldn't and I quit my boobing.  When we arrived at the ER I was soaked through again.

The nurse got me checked in and dressed.  They checked me and i was dilated to a 3 at about 12:45.  My contractions were consistent for a while and then started to stop.  The Dr. started the pit (around 2am) and I had some pretty painful but bearable contractions for a few hours. Watching the Walking Dead seemed to keep me pretty distracted!  At 7:30am I was pretty uncomfortable and dilated to a 7 so I had the anesthesiologist called to give me the epidural.  The first time it only worked on my right side so they had to give me a 2nd one.  The second one put me to sleep almost instantly.  It was crazy! At around 10 they checked me and I was dilated to a 8 almost 9.  I went back to sleep and woke up in some pretty serious pain.  I felt like i needed to push so David called the nurse.  She checked me out said I was ready to go and called the Dr. She had me start pushing.  It was painful, ripping in half painful! After the 2nd push she told me I had to stop pushing because the Dr. wasn't ready yet.  Are you kidding me? I could feel everything!  The Dr. ran over told me to push and Preston was out.  They didn't even get the bed apart! It was madness. 

He came out SCREAMING!  It was the most wonderful sound I have ever heard.  This pregnancy was tough and with all the surgeries and medication I was so worried about him.  They told me he was perfect and I bawled and bawled and bawled.  I have never been so relived in all of my life. 

He weighed 6lbs 5oz and was 19in long.
Absolutely perfect!

He instantly started nursing and just snuggled right up to you. 

 Chandler and Brinlee were thrilled to come meet him at the hospital.

We love this little guy.  We worried and prayed about him daily.  We feel very blessed to have him in our family.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Redneck New Years!

Showing our true form as Rednecks we took the kids to the shooting range on New Years Day to shoot clay pigeons. It was a toasty  5 degrees so we all bundled up and jumped in the truck. 

Brinlee was our clay pigeon supplier.

 Chandler pulled the string for the thrower.
 Freezing our butts off!  David was making sure Brin was bundled. 
 A man with a shot gun.  Every woman's dream!  Eat your hearts out ladies he is mine.
 Pretty sure he didn't miss one!

The camera unfortunately died before I took my turn.  Without grandma's butt trimming magic I think I will wait for a while to post a few pictures of my self. :) I only missed 3 clay pigeons!  David was pretty impressed to say the least.
Please don't think we are unsafe parents. All hunter safety rules were followed and the kids were outside the truck for only 20 minutes.  The rest of the time was spent in the warm truck watching Brave.

We had a great day and a fun afternoon!

2012 Black Style

2012 was probably the most difficult year we have had as a couple.  There were many "growing" up experiences this last year.  We are stronger for them and great full for the blessing we have received.  

 Chandler Kline:

-Turned 5!  Can you believe it?  Neither can I.
-Graduated preschool.
-Rode his bike
-Played and played outside.
-Started kindergarten and loves it!
-Is learning to read.
-Misses our house in Layton (mostly his friends).
-Is a fantastic little helper around the house.
 Brinlee Rae:
- Turned 3!
-Learning her letters and their sounds.
-Became a big sister!
-Made lots of new friends.
-Talked, talked, and talked some more.
-Missing her favorite Sister Kilpack
 Preston Jeffrey:
-Attempted to kill mom in the womb.
-Was born!
-Gained weight (he was really little).
-Smiles all day
- And wait for it.......sleeps through the night!
 Ronni Brin:
-Got a kidney stone resulting in 3 separate surgeries while pregnant.
-Caught up on her TV while laying in a hospital bed.
-Survived 2 moves while pregnant.
-Made new friends fast in Vernal
-Missed/misses everyone from Layton
-Had a baby!

David Kline:
-Got a promotion as a store manager for the Vernal Walgreens.
-Trained for the Ragnar Wasatch back relay, but couldn't participate because of the move.
-Went deer hunting
-Survived his first Christmas as a manager
-Showed us all just how awesome he really is!

As a family we:
-Fixed up and sold our home in Layton
-Moved to Vernal, UT
-Attended 4 different wards
-Learned to rely on the help of others
-Purchased a new home
-Checked out everything the Vernal area has to offer. We are going to love this place!
-Said goodbye to our friends in Layton and made new friends in Vernal
-Got in a car accident (watched the car in front of us get hit head on)

2012 is a year I would be more than happy to not repeat.  We had many trials and were blessed in so many ways.  David although he might not agree had the best year.  He also showed us all how much he loves us and what a great dad and priesthood holder he really is!  If anything 2012 was the year that reminded me why I married that man.

In 2013 we hope to:
-Have no surgery
-Camp, fish, hike and cookout on the mountain.
-See family in the valley
-River raft?
-Enjoy life!
-A vacation? To where we don't know.
-Make up for all the things we wanted to do last year.