Monday, April 27, 2009


We have had a lot of bad weather this last week and were stuck inside. Chandler hates being inside and spends most of the time getting into stuff and driving his mother crazy. In an attempt to make being inside fun we have been trying some new things.
My friend from high school had this idea on her blog. It's called muffin tin Monday, or any day that you are stuck inside and the kids are crazy. What you do is give your child lunch in a muffin tin. I gave Chandler a sting cheese, some watermelon, grapes, crackers, pickles, popcorn and a sippy cup of milk. All you do is divide the food into each muffin tin and eat lunch somewhere other than the table. We enjoyed our lunch in Chandler's room on a blanket. He loved it! We have started a chore chart for Chandler that he is starting to like. I just printed off some paper with the chores and put magnets on the back. When one is complete he gets to move it to the completed side of the fridge. They are pretty easy and stuff he already enjoys doing like unloading/loading the dishwasher, watering the plants, and picking up his toys.

A few days ago I had just finished cleaning his room and had his bed made to perfection. As I was finishing up in the bathroom I could hear him playing in his room with the door shut, I guess he likes his privacy. After a minute there was only silence, knowing that he was either choking or doing something he knows he shouldn't I ran in his room to find him laying wrapped up in his blanket. He had climbed into his bed and was just hanging out. After this he decided that he was not going to stay in his crib or his room. A few days later he was climbing out of his bed and opening his door to tell us he was not going to nap. So now we have taken the front of the crib off and letting him sleep in a big boy bed. We have not had a nap for 4 days. He is cute and a little silly but we love him.

More before and after.

Here are the before and after pictures of the kitchen. This faucet on the sink was a joke. It didn't swing over the left side, the owners just bought the cheapest one they could find and installed it. The hot and cold were opposite and it was really weird.

There were no knobs of the cabinets and luckily they left us a beautiful set of drapes that were immediately thrown out the day we closed.

That is Dave and our Realtor. They were in a lot of the pictures (still don't know why).


Best faucet ever!!!!! I highly recommend this faucet, it is really tall and you can fill any pot in your sink. Plus it has a soap dispenser. LOVE IT!!!!

These pictures are kinda bad but you can get the general idea of the kitchen. I was trying to steal my cousins idea that she had a her wedding, damask print fabric and lots of green, doesn't look the exact same but sorta (thanks for the cute ideas Erica). Other than the green paint that I love, my sexy husband installed all of the bead board. I love it, if I could I would put it in every room.

All of the other rooms were painted and new baseboard added. Since they are pretty plain at the moment you will just have to wait until I come up with some good ideas (or still some from my sister in laws).

Friday, April 24, 2009


Our neighbors across the street have a trampoline and Chandler loves to jump on it. Since we don't have one he takes the cushions off the couch and jumps his little heart out. Yesterday Dave was jumping with him. Don't ask why because I have no idea. Sometimes I am pretty sure I have two children. Check out the scissor kicks.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


It's no secret that I hate birds. Their beaty little eyes, the fact that they don't really have a neck, and all of those disease infested feathers. YUCK!!!! And even right now as I type there is a puffed up robin trying to die on our lawn (or at least that is what it looks like, plus it didn't move when I threw dirt at it). I don't know why I hate/fear birds so much, maybe it is because they fall dead out of trees in front of me or without fail there is always a crazy bluebird that will try and attack me every summer.
So now I have come to the conclusion that I am just being punished. Yep that's right, this little mamma bird made her nest in our light. Now this wouldn't be that big of a deal but I have to walk right under this light to get to the car. Do I? No I walk out on the lawn and around avoiding any possible close encounter from this horrifying animal. I mean seriously could she have not made her nest in one of the hundreds of trees in the neighborhood? So now my goal is to nag David enough that he will move it. Wish me luck. This is a cute picture of Chandler I took today. He was really excited about finishing the rest of mom's watered down pop.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Big Baby Sister.

My baby sister went to prom this last weekend and I just wanted to post a picture of her so you can all see what a babe she is. She is getting too old, I mean I remember when she was Chandler's age and next year she graduates. Crazy!
Love ya Kenzie!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Parties, presents and yummy cake.

Since Chandler's birthday was on Tuesday this year we had a big family party Sunday after conference. We enjoyed Chandler's favorite meal of chicken alfredo, breadsticks and pop (he loves pop, we are bad parents). Recently Chandler has decided to break away from the same old disney channel routine and has gained a great love for Spongebob Squarepants. Knowing he loves this show I attempted to create a cake that look like Spongebob, I couldn't find my cake decorating kit so I had to use plastic bags and this is how it turned out:
Please don't submit me to cakewrecks! I will say that it was really yummy, I got a recipie for buttercream icing from my aunt and it tasted like a professional bakery cake.

Chandler got all sorts of fun toys, clothes, coloring books and baby sports toys.

He was really excited to open the presents but when it came time to blow out his candles he was not so sure about it. He ran and hid in his bedroom when we started sining and luckly his older cousins helped him with the candles! We had a great time.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Chandler!

Our baby boy is turning two tomorrow. He is the sweetest, silliy, naughty, cute, happy, little ball of energy in the whole world. We are so happy he is part of our little family. Happy Birthday Chancho!