Tuesday, May 24, 2011


On May 6th David and I celebrated 6 years. I love this guy. Somehow I was lucky enough to find him. Somehow I was lucky enough to be chosen to be his forever. I love you Daver!

Let there be light!

We live in an old house. 60 years old to be exact. We have no lights in our front room. Well except for a big weird light box that only shown light on the floor directly below it. So what did we do? We tore out that hideous light box. Installed 16 next can lights and repainted the kitchen.

Ya.....we are awesome.

Easter weekend.

David had Easter weekend off this year! So we packed up the kids and headed to Santaquin to see my side of the family. There was egg coloring.

Chandler's very first dentist appointment. He did great.

And a tour of Santaquin. First we headed to the museum. Chandler loved the military doll display. Had burgers at the Santaqueen and got some delicious treats at the red barn. It was a perfect little vacation.

Chandler's Pirate Party!

Chandler has been talking about having a pirate party for a year now. So we threw him one. Luckily for us we were able to spend it with a lot of our family! David was our leader on the treasure hunt. Chandler kept saying how "scary" pirate daddy was.

Some of the decor. Pictures courtesy of Grandma Marcia.

He loved all of his gifts. He even got a big boy bike.

Our cute little pirate!

The treasure hunt.

We love our little Chandler and were so glad a lot of our family was able to celebrate his birthday with us.