Sunday, May 26, 2013

Car Wash

Every year Walgreens is involved in the Relay for Life fundraiser.  After having most of the donations  stolen,See KSL story here.  the store had 2 successful car washes. 
 Cutest little car washers every

 The boys working the corner. ha ha! Chandler was trying out his dance moves to bring in more customers.
 Preston is quite the ladies man.  All of the girls from work wanted to squish on him.

 Hmmmmm, not sure what was going on here.

Easter fest 2013

This year we attend the Van Ausdal family 2nd annual Easter Fest.  We had an enjoyable time four wheeling, eating, chit chatting and playing in the dirt.  
The kids loved the four wheelers!
Brinlee quickly became Great Grandpa and Grandma Van's favorite Great Granddaughter.  Grandpa Lyle called her "sweetie" all day.  Later that night he made the mistake of calling someone else sweetie and Brin was mad.  With her hands on her hips she said "I thought I was your sweetie!"

The babies did great!  Decker and Preston didn't make a peep the entire four wheeling trip.

Brin eventually begged Aunt Kim enough that she saddled up Kassidy and let the kids ride.
On Sunday morning we took a little trip to the Blanding heritage trail.

Friends!  I hope it lasts even when they are teenagers.

Brinlee needed a bath the entire time we were there.  That girl is messy.
We had a short devotional and enjoyed the cool morning with the family.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Chandler Quotes

Last night we were at the grocery store.  I only had Chandler so we were able to have some good conversation.  I told him we needed ketchup so we headed down that isle.  While passing the jelly we had this conversation.

Chandler:  "Mom, can we get some grape jelly? I am really sick of just peanut butter on my sandwich."
Mom:  "Sure."
Chandler picking up the most expensive one: "I want this one."
Mom: "That one is really expens........
Chandler: " Ugh, and don't tell me!  We don't have a coupon for it, right?"
Mom laughing: "No we don't we just need to get the store brand."
Chandler in his mom voice: "If it isn't on sale or no coupon then no jelly!"

Later down the snack isle we had this one.

Chandler: "Mom can I get this?"  (ring pop)
Mom: "How much is it?"
Chandler: "I don't know!  They didn't teach me nothing in school!"
Mom: "Well what did you do all day?"
Chandler: "Nothing, apparently."

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sweet Brown (Original)

Ha HA AH !

So we have been watching these videos for a while now.  They are just too funny not to share.  I know most of you have seen them but please enjoy anyway.

*In no way do I think rape or an apartment building burning down is funny. I just really wish these people were my neighbors.

Fantasy Canyon

After finding a magazine with places to visit David took us out to Fantasy Canyon.  My parents were here, so we packed a lunch and headed out.  First we thought we were lost but eventually found what we were looking for. 
This "canyon" is just a small .5 mile loop that takes you through these really cool rock formations.

Grandma and Brinner.
The canyon.
Our hiking crew.
This one was called "Dinosaur Backbone"
This one is the "Gargoyle"
The boxing bear.

Just down the road was the Ouray fish hatchery.  They hatch only warm water fish. Most that were near extinction.

These fish were 15-20 years old.
Checking our the babies or at least that is what the kids said.
And the fish eggs.
All of these pools were filled with different ages of fish.
The bigger pools had the fish who were ready to go out to the river.
It wasn't as cool as the Jones Hole hatchery but it was still and adventure.

Visitors, we love them!

We love visitors!  Luckily we have had a few in the last month.  The Happy Hough's visited us the first of April and The Brent and Lori gang came 2 weeks later!
The baby wagon!  Cuteness doubled.

Our little Archaeologists


More cuteness!
I could easily eat Gwen's cheeks off. So kissable.
Jones Hole fish hatchery.

The hatchery was really cool.  The kids loved seeing all of the fish and learning how they grow.

What is going on here?
You can't see them but in these pools are hundreds of fish.