Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Doing it.

We are going to take the leap of finally going private. Now that we are back online I will be making the switch Monday December 1st . Please if you have not given me your email and are wanting to veiw our blog send me it so I can add you.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Random Pictures over the last few months.

With all of the nice weather we have been going on some hikes. We went on one just up from our house and up a canyon near layton. Chandler was a bouncy tigger for halloween and greeted all the candy givers by saying "Hello" in a very deep voice. We had a great time.


We are excited to say we have been reconnected with the internet! The blogging is going to be better than ever!

Chandler is getting so big. He loves to throw his balls around all day long. He also likes to carry them all at once. While cleaning up one day he came in the room and this is what I saw.... He was holding the balls that wouldn't fit in his hand with his face. It was so funny. He does this all the time and gets really mad when he drops one. I guess you could say he is my little Gus Gus (you know the mouse on Cinderella that tried to carry all the corn at once).

Happy Blogging.