Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Why is it that your second child becomes a toddler so much faster than your first? Where has my baby gone? I just love this little Brinner! She is so much fun and we love having her running around our home.
A few things to know:

*She loves to swing. While we were in Blanding last week Grandma took the kids to the park (she is brave). Brinlee just loved swinging, she even pumps her little legs.

*She loves her baby doll. A few weeks ago she was sick with a double ear infection and strep throat. She was a VERY sick little girl. She wanted her baby by her the entire time. Mommy got her baby a towel for her head to and Brinlee was very happy to see her baby was getting better with her. Her baby is very loved and knows how to say mama (well brin says it for her). There is not a day that Brins doesn't have her baby in her arms. She is a very good mom.

*She loves to cheese it up. Just look at the picture, this kid really loves to have her picture taken. Anytime a camera is out she puts on her cheese face and is ready.

Brinlee will be 18 months on the 20Th. I just can't believe she is ready to go to nursery! We love our Brinner.

Down on Aunt Kim's Farm.....

There are happy little babies!
Goats eating cookies.

A turkey that will let you pet it.

And little boys feeding chickens.

Auntie Kim and Uncle Clayton have quite the set up at their new home. A place for their horses and lots of fun farm animals. The kids had a great time being around the animals. I now want chickens, yes I want chickens. Thanks for the fun day Kim and Clayton!