Friday, January 22, 2010

I guess I better update.

We had a great holiday season this year. This post has lots of pictures so I will just tell you a little something about everything. Winter is starting to get to us at the Black house. Chandler is stir crazy and we make frequent trips to Toys R US just to get out of the house. I came in to the front room one night to find him sporting this awesome outfit. We have also resorted to face painting as a past time when Dave is off. Isn't he a cute little kitty cat?

Brinlee is now and has been for a while sporting a ponytail. She doesn't really like it but she will get use to it (didn't we all? at least she doesn't have ceiling high bangs and a side ponytail with sponge rollers in it.).
Chandler has become quite the photographer. I found theses pictures he had taken of Brigham one day. There were about 50 extra photos on my card. We laughed so hard.

He really likes taking ones of himself.

Like I said we are a little stir crazy and can 't wait until spring. Neither can Chandler(notice the Easter basket on his head and in his hand).

We had a great Christmas this year. We spent it in Santaquin with my family and had a really good relaxing time. Chandler was a little under the weather on Christmas Day but had a good time overall.

My little sister Mckenzie who is 17 almost 18 was SO excited to open presents she insisted we all open on Christmas eve. Chandler open sponge bob underwear and as you can see he has no interest in ever being potty trained.

This is Mckenzie's favorite part of Christmas. My parents have some reindeer in their front yard and Kenz "stacked" them. Yes we are from Santaquin and we stack our own deer. We are trashy and proud of it. It was hilarious! I am pretty sure there may have been some wet pants.

Chandler and his nativity scene.

Christmas eve at Great grandparent VanAusdal's. Isn't he a cutie in that train sweater?

We have had some problems with Chandler wanting to be like mom and dad. He decided one day to put on mascara.

It took a while to get it off.

Look at these two cuties. We are so grateful to have these little kiddos in our family. I even think they might like each other. Brinlee loves to watch Chandler all day and she just giggles at all of his silly sounds. Chandler likes her, sometimes, when it is convenient.

WE hope you all had a great holiday season and can't wait for what the new year has in store for us.