Friday, September 12, 2008

The Happenings

Okay so I am at my mom house this weekend and have a computer with Internet so I will up date you all on our life's since our move. Lets see. We moved to Centerville in June and love it. We seriously have the greatest ward in the whole wide world. they are the greatest people and have made us feel so welcome. We have been enjoying the warm weather and have rode our bikes lots. Nothing to exciting happened in June because we were still managing the apartment complex until July. That was not to fun. People crying about every little problem really seem obnoxious when we were 30 miles away. It went fast though and we are so glad we are done with the managing business.
July was really eventful. We went on our first non managing vacation. It was so nice to go to Blanding and not have to worry about water problems, air problems, or annoying people. We had a great 4th and it was so fun to spend time with the family. Chandler had t0 have surgery in July and that was a little scary. He had hypospadias repair surgery (look it up because I don't want to explain it). The surgery went great and he was back to jumping off the furniture the next day. Okay so it was not that eventful but it seemed like it was.
August was lots of fun we had a great trip to Santaquin for the Orchard days and had a fantastic time at the Rodeo and parade. Without school starting we have really been enjoying the fall.
Chandler is growing up so fast and loves to play all day long and watch lots of Disney movies. He is not a real big talker but he does love to give kisses and hugs. David is enjoying his job at Walgreen's and enjoys help Elder Nelson and President Eyring, it is a happening place. I am desperately trying to lose weight and it is not coming off very quickly. Besides not eating and attempting working out I have been decorating the new place and collecting Christmas decorationgs (I love Christmas). We are all happy and loving the cooler weather. We are getting the internet soon and will start posting some new pictures. Keep sending your emails so I can add you to my list!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Long time no blog. Out of facebook and going private.

Hello friends family! Our little Black family is doing great. We love our new apartment and new city. I regret to inform you all that I have deleted my Facebook account and will not be going back. We will be back on the net soon and will start our blog up faithfully. We are however going to be going private I have alot of your addresses but please send my them if you are interested in veiwing our lives.