Friday, July 23, 2010

Binny is already TEN MONTHS! Can you believe it? This little girl is such a joy. She is a little ball of happiness and delight in our family.
Brinlee at ten months:
Loves to bath and splash her big brother.
Loves to crawl around all day (and eat things off of the floor).
Loves to pull herself up and squawk so we can make a big deal about it.
Loves to take short naps.
Plays patty cake with the best of them.
Claps for everyone (especially the men giving the lessons in elders quorum).
Loves being sang and read to.
Loves when we have company over. She is already quite the little preformer.
Is the happiest baby in the entire world!
Sleeps all night.
Weighs 17 pounds
28 Inches long
Has a below average head size(I am okay with that).

We love this little gal and so does her big brother!
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Hill Air Force Base

Chandler loves the to watch the jets that fly over our house. So the other day we took him up to the Aerospace Museum. He loved seeing all of the big planes, helicopters and war birds. The museum is pretty cool and we have been up there multiple times. They have recently put together a children's center where the kids can learn all about how planes fly, how a pilot is trained and lots of other fun things. They have a station where you can put on a flight suit and sit in the cockpit of a jet. Chandler loved it so much he wanted to take the suit home with us! It was a great day and we had a fantastic time.
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What is up with th Black Family?

So what is up with us? At the request of a few sister-in laws I have decided to finally update a little(I am sorry you didn't like the dinosaur museum post). :) We have been having a great summer just playing, relaxing, a little hiking and biking, getting ready for Kaye's wedding , and figuring out a new schedule with David's new hours.

This is a picture Marcia took of me and Brin. I forgot to post it so now I will. Isn't Brin such a little cutie? She is getting big so fast, she is almost ten months! My little sister McKenzie competed in the Miss Utah pageant and did an excellent job. David and I were able to go the night she preformed her talent. We were both so impressed with her total awesomeness! I have been so proud of that little sis of mine. Love you Kenzer!

Brinee is finding out quickly that "Pain is Beauty". I trimmed her hair into a little bob and now we roll it up on Sunday mornings for the perfect hair do.

She really doesn't mind too much.

Since it is summer the kids are always super dirty. Bath time is a must and the kiddos just love it. Look at that handsome boy and he is squeaky clean to.

Brinlee really loves it. Her face says it all.

Did you know that we didn't have any grass in our backyard last year? Well we didn't and it really wasn't fun. We got a little more ambitious this year and planted seed.

Look at it now. Isn't it beautiful? We also have a garden. I really enjoy the yard work and the gardening. Now if we can just get everything to grow!

Chandler loves playing outside. He loves the sandbox, coloring with sidewalk chalk, riding his spider scooter, playing with all of the neighbor kids, eating ice Popsicles, swimming in the pool, and just playing so much that he sleeps all night long.

Brinlee is a sweetie. She is contented to just crawl around and play with whatever toy is on the floor. She is now standing up on everything and thinks she is such a big girl.
I have tons of pictures I need to develop so keep your eye out for more updates!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy 28 Daver!

Happy Birthday Daver! We love you and all you do for our little family. *Birthday last year, please forgive the Tiger Woods cake it was pre-affairs. :)