Wednesday, June 11, 2008

20 YEars

20 Years ago.
1. I was 3 years old.
2. I lived in Santaquin, in a single wide.
3. Most likley beating up on my little sister hailey and driving my mother crazy.

10 Years ago.
1. I was in Middle School.
2.I was going through my Jenco stage and thought I was hard core.
3. Started playing volleyball.

5 Years ago.
1. I was a senior in high school counting down the days to graduation.
2. I Worked at Subway in Santaquin.
3. I was getting ready to move to Blanding to go to school and coach volleyball.

3 Years ago..
1.David and I were married May 6th in the Provo Temple
2. We moved to Ogden.
3. I finished Nail Tech School in October.

1 Year ago.
1. Chandler was born.
2. We camped out on elkridge.
3. Lost 20 pounds and gained it back (not such a good thing)

So far this year.
1. David got a job with walgreens.
2. David graduated from WSU
3. Ran a 5 K.

Yesterday I.
1. Put up drapes, cleaned the bathroom, organized clutter, hung up shower curtain, painted furniture and packed for the new place in Centerville
2. Read scriptures with David.
3. Snuggled with Channy.

Today I.
1. Have packed up most of the house
2. Washed all of the laundy.
3. Washed all of the dishes.

Tomorrow I.
1. Finish Packing.
2. Hopefully have upstairs bathroom so clean you could eat off any surface.
3. Prime red wall.

In the next year I.
1.hopefully will lose 50 pounds??
2. Might be pregnant??
3. Might go on a fantastic family vacation.

I tag anyone who wants to do this.