Saturday, December 25, 2010


FUN FUN FUN! We had such a great Christmas morning. Santa found our little house and boy we must have been good. Chandler is the proud owner of Legos, a giant box of army men, and some big trucks. Brinlee is now the adoptive mommy of Violet Harley (her new Cabbage Patch Doll) and will host any of you with her new tea set.


Our Nativity 2010

Every year I look forward to Christmas Eve and a nativity scene with little children. It has been a while. It was so special this year to have our little ones play the parts of Mary and Joseph. I don't think they quite understand fully the significance of this small play. I hope that as they grow David and I can teach them what a great gift the birth of our Savior is. These pictures make me laugh. I love to have things perfect, sometimes I get a little crazy and when it doesn't work out I am mad. Not this year. The kids were so funny and couldn't stop running around in their little costumes.

Brinlee was a very loving Mary. Making sure the baby Jesus got lots and lots of kisses.

Chandler was a very handsome Joseph. He made sure Brinlee was giving the right amount of kisses.
I love these kids, they are such a joy in our lives.

Cookies for Santa

What do you do with a little boy on Christmas Eve? This is the first year he has really understood what was going on. We have watched lots of Christmas movies and in each one there is always someone baking cookies for Santa. Chandler was so excited! He decorated them himself and even made a special snowman sandwich.

Christmas coloring

Chandler and Brinlee both love to color. The other day we colored some special pictures for Santa. Brinlee scribled and tasted her crayons, while Chandler stamped and did some watercoloring. She just couldn't keep those darn crayons out of her mouth. We have alot with teeth marks in them.

Chandler really loved the stamps. He stamped for 30 minutes, it was great. If any of you know where I can get some cheap let me know. It is something I am willing to spend money on.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The lights at Hogle Zoo

Did you know they have lights at the zoo? We didn't either, one of David's co-workers told us about it and we decided to check it out.
To start things off both of our children fell asleep on the way down (this is something that NEVER happens). Them falling asleep turned out to be a very good thing. They were still a little drowsy so a stroll through the Christmas lights was even more relaxing. Most of the animals were in their hibernation so we didn't see many. We did see the tiger's, Santa's reindeer and all the snakes and birds our little hearts could enjoy.
Chandler and David by the Gingerbread house. We have been reading the Gingerbread man and Chandler loved the little boy and girl.

Mommy and Brinlee enjoying the lights. Brin was an angel, she didn't make a peep the entire time. We almost forgot she was there.

After the Zoo we went to Bajio for dinner. Normally they have Hispanic music playing, last night they had all sorts of good 80's rock. Chandler just couldn't resist! We were the only people there and he was dancing his little heart out. Just watch and wait for it, you will get to see his version of the moon walk. Hilarious!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Last week my Grandma Jennie was preforming at temple square. She is in the Payson Civic Corale and is quite the singer. We decided to go down and watch. Since parking is a NIGHTMARE downtown we parked over the the Gateway and jumped on the train. Chandler loved it! We met up with Grandpa and Grandma and walked around to see the lights. As always it was beautiful. The kids loved it so much. After we walked around we headed to the assembly hall and listened to a few songs. It was a really fun night. If you haven't been down there this year you are missing out.


This year David and I hosted Thanksgiving. It was really fun! I like to cook and eat so it is really a win win for me. We had the usual Turkey, Stuffing (amazing), Potatoes etc. My mom made her incredible yams and a very delicious pumpkin cheesecake. All in all we were very full and happy.

Chandler and Brinlee Photoshoot

Halloween 2010

Hailey and Justin

It has been a while, two months to be exact. Last post I promised some pictures from my sisters big day.
Hailey and Justin were married October 2 at the Petetneet (?) museum. It was a really nice ceremony preformed by President Bart Olsen. It was fun to get to share in such a special moment in their lives with them. The reception was great to. Cheese cake was served and it was fun to catch up with some long lost friends.
Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Jensen!