Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Josie's Cabin

After our long night at the Relay we all slept in and were well rested enough to head out for a hike.  Dinosaur National Monument has lots of little trails perfect for kids.  We decided to visit Josie's Cabin
Josie was a pioneer woman whom had been divorced multiple times and decided to move out to the middle of nowhere.  David and I decided she must have hated people for how secluded her home was.
Many people thought she had poisoned her last husband.  She was an interesting woman who was thought to have housed criminals like Butch Cassidy. She was completely self-reliant in every way.  She raised cattle and chickens, she had an orchard, a garden and took care of her home.
I wouldn't mind the view.
She lived in her cabin until 1959 when she passed away at the age of 90.

Pretty cool chicken coop.

The pond behind her home,.

We hiked into box canyon and listened to our hilarious echoes. "Repent!"  was David's personal favorite.

Slow pokes.
This is a picture of the tops of the split mountain.  The green river has carved it's way through it making a really cool mountain range.


Marcia said...

What a cool story and a beautiful place! Don't poison your husband.