Saturday, June 15, 2013

Iron Springs

Last night we headed up the mountain with the McClelen family.  It was Evie's birthday and they invited us to come roast hot dogs and have some delicious birthday cake.  

 You might think we just live near red dirt and plateaus but just a short drive toward Flaming Gorge you end up in pine and quaky aspens. Vernal is a great place to live!  It is similar to Blanding.
 The cute camping babies Preston and Moston
 Shaylene made the toughest pinata ever!  Look at the concentration on their faces.
 Cute kiddos!
David smiling for the camera (I guess if you can call it that).  Shaylene and Mike with their yummy cake.  Hopefully we can get some sleeping bags for David and I soon so we can go camping to.  Thanks for the great time!


Marcia said...

Great scenery. Great company. Great pinata. GREAT NIGHT! Just don't get sleeping bags--then you can go home and sleep in your own comfortable bed.