Saturday, May 9, 2009

Cowboy Kline

Chandler has really been into the horse/cowboy thing lately. For his birthday he got the movie Spirit, besides knowing the words to most of the songs he loves horses. All of the books we get at the library are about horses and cowboys.
Since he has started loving horses everyone that will let him climb on their back becomes his own personal horse. Daddy is the best!
Here is Chandler sporting Daddy's gardening hat, and mom's cowboy vest from her days of pink boots and riding Goldbar (I think the vest originally belonged to one of my parents). Pretty cute don't you think?

Chandler screams and giggles the entire time. It is pretty cute. We have started calling him Cowboy Kline. His dad was know as this when he was little and since Chandler has the same blond hair, dimples and love of all things western we decided this would be a great name for our little guy.

Taming the wild stallion.


Clayton & Kim said...

sooooo cute! what kind a horse is that? a "fry-bred"?